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Our basic and advanced course on nutrigenetics provides clinicians and students with the most up-to- date information on the current research in nutrigenetic science. In addition, a large part of the course is dedicated to the translation of nutrigenetics research into dietary practice, the use of commercial genetic tests and the interpretation of nutrigenetic information for patients.

Our Foundation (basics) course consists of four lessons. These include, an Introduction to Genetics, the science behind personalised nutrition, nutrigenetics of food sensitivities and the clinical application of Nutrigenetics


Each lesson will include:
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Fundamentals of Nutrigenetics
Our basic course consists of four lessons, these are detailed below:


ABC’S of genetics

This lesson goes through some of the basic definitions that are important for understanding genetics. It aims to answer some of the basic questions like what is DNA, how does it function, what does DNA do, in short decrypting the code of life


The science behind personalised nutrition

In this lesson, we will define and illustrate (with practical examples) the difference between nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and epigenetics that will help understand the science of nutritional genomics.


Nutritional genomics in dietetic and nutrition practice

This lesson aims to answer how genetics is changing how we personalise nutrition recommendations, what is the evidence base for genetics and nutrition needs such as macronutrients, micronutrients and food sensitivities such as lactose, gluten and caffeine and What can we learn from genetics and use in practice and what is considered evidenced based practice.


Clinical application of nutrigenetics

This lesson focusses on the clinical application of the science of nutrigenetics and provide information to usefully interpret a nutrigenetics report. This will enable practicing clinicians to become familiar with using this comprehensive tool in their practice.

This course will provide its participants with an understanding of nutritional genomics, along with critical thinking skills to apply this science to a range of areas relating to nutrition and dietetics