Refunds / Cancellations

Other than stated above for each form of enrollment, you hereby acknowledge and agree that Institute of Nutrigenetics will not offer refunds on any fees and charges related to your purchase of any products or Services. This includes any partially used or unused periods for which you have already paid. We do not guarantee refunds for lack of usage or dissatisfaction.

Taxes :

  When you purchase any Online Course or other Service or product from Institute of Nutrigenetics, you agree to pay not only the applicable fee, but also all applicable sales, use, value added, transaction taxes, or other government-required fees and charges that Institute of Nutrigenetics determines it is required to collect ("Taxes"). Please note that Institute of Nutrigenetics will calculate the "estimated Taxes" at checkout and that, upon confirmation, you may be responsible for a different total. All applicable taxes are calculated based on the billing information you provide us at the time of purchase.

Credit Card Billing :

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