An excellent course worthwhile learning that adds a credit for both my personal and professional life. Great stuff!

Ahlaya Mahesh Post Graduate Student in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore

I attended one day workshop on Nutrigenetics in 2017 and I learnt a lot about genes and their interactions with our diet.Thanks to Janani who introduced the whole new concept of genetic diets to us

Avanthi Aravind Nutrition Expert, Chennai

Undergoing a course on Nutrigenetics gave me thorough knowledge on diet -gene interactions as it delivered a lot a information which were new and easy to grasp. This course gave me confidence to implement new techniques that can b ... Read More

Uma Under Graduate Student, Food Processing and Technology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore

As a student of this course I feel it was a wonderful journey of knowledge and exploring the *science of Nutrigenetics* and it's role in *personalized Nutrition*...tutors have taken great efforts to make the information availa ... Read More

Rashida Hatim Kadanawala Clinical Dietitian at Ministry of health, Kuwait

As a student who is doing the course, it's a fascinating and amazing experience to learn about what a vital role genes play and how the right nutrition can change the future of healthcare. Personalised nutrition gets its true ... Read More

Sonam Rayani Nutrition and Diet Consultant, Founder - Jatropha Wellness,

The online course " Introduction to Translational Nutrigenetics" was recommended to me by my peers and seniors. I've always had a great interest in genetics but never hadthe opportunity to study the subject before. S ... Read More

Swarna Aadhya Nutritionist, Chennai